The Theta-Lambda Chapter of Kappa Sigma at Texas State University

A special thanks to all Theta Lambda Alumni,

We would like to give a special thanks to all Theta Lambda Alumni for your effort and support in renovating the Chapter House. Since the renovations Kappa Sigma Theta Lambda membership has increased more than twenty percent and interest in our fraternity increases daily from potential new members. The house is reflective of what Theta Lambda stands for, our strength and prominence on this campus has been prevalent since our establishment. It’s symbolic to all the things we can accomplish together, it truly is a milestone and we must not stop here. We are more than appreciative and thankful for your help and support. It’s comforting and exciting to know Theta Lambda brotherhood is so strong and unbreakable, A.E.K.D.B. We are one of a kind, The Star and Crescent shall not be worn by every man… But, nevertheless, we must not stop here. We have much more potential and achievements to accomplish. Right now we are undergoing efforts to raise money for the building of a multi – use facility. Some uses for the M.U.F. would be the following:

This facility will draw away any traffic from the house thus giving the undergrads a place to study. This year we’ve implemented a new program called “Study Buddies”, in which active members volunteer to help new members in particular subjects; the M.U.F. would be a great place for the new system.  It will also help maintain the house’s renovations. This building will also let the chapter hold Tuesday meetings away from the school and host all initiation ceremonies on our property. The facility will be used to host social events, homecoming, Alumni weekends, and Parents weekend. We have the ability to use this building to host community service project for charities, and other clubs and organizations from campus.

This is not mention the fact that the Alumni will have a place to come and hangout. It would be the Alumni Association's building. This building is something that all past houses have needed, well all know it. It will reduce the wear and tear of the house that has been going for 30 years. With the new renovations it’s important to preserve our house more than ever. This will also feature the “Wall of Legends” for the Alumni. Once you donate your $500.00 your name will appear on laser etched black granite along with your pledge year. This wall will be located inside the M.U.F. On another note, if any Alumni wishes to donate a large sum towards the project, the building would be named in your honor. Example: “The John Doe Hall”).

Of course there will be obstacles in trying to construct the M.U.F., whether it is personal objections or engineering design… but despite all outside factors we are Theta Lambda. We get things done.

Thank You,
On behalf of all active Kappa Sigma Theta Lambda Brothers

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The Theta-Lambda Chapter of Kappa Sigma at Texas State University