The Theta-Lambda Chapter of Kappa Sigma at Texas State University
The two towers Torre Degli Asinelli and its leaning neighbor Torre Garisendi, represent the pinnacle of Bologna, Italy, the city where Kappa Sigma was founded in 1400.

Manuel Chrysoloras is the Father of Kappa Sigma and created the Fraternity in 1400 at the University of Bologna.

The five friends and brothers, George Miles Arnold, John Covert Boyd,
William Grigsby McCormick, Frank Courtney Nicodemus, and
Edmund Law Rogers are responsible for the American founding of
Kappa Sigma at the University of Virginia.

Stephen Alonzo Jackson, an initiate of the first chapter,
was responsible for keeping the dream of our Fraternity alive.
He is known as the 'Golden Hearted Virginian.'


The Kappa Sigma Fraternity was founded on December 10th 1869 at the University of Virginia. The Texas State chapter was founded on February 12th, 1966. Kappa Sigma was the first fraternity at the University. This Theta Lambda chapter of Kappa Sigma has thrived for over 40 years as the leading fraternity on campus. A strong sense of brotherhood and commitment has guided our members from day one.

The fraternity has resided in many different houses over the years, but now it has found its final destination. The Kappa Sigma house sits on five acres of river front property. 1801 Uhland Drive has been the number one house for over 15 years in all the Greek community.

Kappa Sigma Fraternity has also contributed to 48 successful years of Fite Nite. Fite Nite is the largest amateur boxing event in the state of Texas. Every year fellow alumni and brothers come to the Hays County Civic Center to partake in Fite Nite. Over 3,500 people attend annually and there are typically 15 to 20 fights in one night. This event is always a great time. Fite Nite makes donations to local food banks as well.

The brotherhood creates a positive environment for any Texas State University undergraduate. Brothers have made life long friends and memories that will always be a part of their life and college experience. The history will speak for itself.

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The Theta-Lambda Chapter of Kappa Sigma at Texas State University