The Theta-Lambda Chapter of Kappa Sigma at Texas State University

Dear Parents,

The Theta Lambda chapter of Kappa Sigma would first like to thank all the parents of our brothers. Kappa Sigma at Texas State continues to thrive because of parental support. We understand that fraternities can often have a negative connotation due to outside perception and entertainment perspectives, but in our chapter we strive to make your son the best man he can be. Parents, we know that college is expensive. Kappa Sigma is dedicated to making financial support go a long way. We require mandatory study hours for all pledges and brothers that fall below the standard grade point average. You send your children here to get an education and we expect all brothers to do just that.

Kappa Sigma also believes in networking. This is a vital part of your son’s education. We have over 600 Alumni that are always looking for diligent undergraduates to hire. Not only Alumni but active members often get jobs together and begin to form working relationships. Kappa Sigma expects brothers to better themselves every chance they get. Socializing is also important to a successful career. The ability to relate to new members is very important. Establishing relationships with not only brothers but the administration, and Greek community is a key aspect of our fraternity.

Fraternities are great resume builders. There is no doubt that employers like to see undergraduates with fraternity experience. Kappa Sigma operates like a business. Our organization offers your children valuable skills in management, financing, event planning, leadership, and time management. We also participate in multiple community service events every semester.

Every year we host parent’s day. The purpose of this event is for parents to have a chance to come out to our fraternity house and meet brothers and alumni. We provide food and entertainment for parents and enjoy our deck that overlooks the Blanco River. This event is always a fun time.

Last but not least, Kappa Sigma’s have a good time. Your sons will always have the memories of our fraternity to look back on. One way or another, this fraternity will change your son’s lives, whether it is his lifelong friends or a great job out of college. Parents we would like to thank you again for your continued support of our organization. We know your son has many options in college and we value his decision to become a better man with Kappa Sigma.

Zachary Zavada
Grand Procurator
Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Theta-Lambda Chapter
Texas State University, San Marcos, TX

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The Theta-Lambda Chapter of Kappa Sigma at Texas State University